Slow Your Roll, Texas

Let’s redesign our neighborhoods to be safe

for kids

for grandparents

for walking

for biking

for driving

for our pets

for all of us


The Texas Vision Zero
movement for safe streets

Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths, with ten families losing a loved one every day.

While personal decisions, such as distracted or impaired driving play into many of these tragedies, almost all of them involve high speeds.

Our streets have been designed to make it hard to drive safely, but we now know how to fix this.


Safe speed limits

Texas streets were designed to maximize speed for decades. Now we know better and understand the terrible toll of speed-related crashes.

Our default speed limit on residential streets has not been updated to our modern understanding of safe neighborhood streets.

Simply lowering speed limits – in places where traffic engineers now generally agree speed limits should be lower – will save lives on streets across Texas.



Safe design speed

If I hit a person while driving at 20 mph, that person has a 95% chance of surviving, but if I’m going 40 mph they only have a 15% chance of surviving.

Along with safer speed limits, we need to upgrade the design of our streets. Design speed is the hidden variable dictating how fast we feel we have to drive.

Engineers rely upon design speed to decide every element of a street, from lane widths to crosswalks, street trees and angles of curves and corners. is a project of Farm&City – a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to high quality urban and rural human habitat in Texas in perpetuity, and Central Texas Families for Safe Streets – an all volunteer coalition of victims and family members of victims of traffic violence, seeking to change the world so that other families do not have to suffer as they have.

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